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Datterini I Bello's

the Kings of Taste

Bring the Kings of Taste to the table with the I Bello's family.
An explosion of flavor with every bite!

Look for the box, ask for it in your trusted store!

Enter the world of I Bello's and let yourself be surprised by our date tomatoes!

As Esasem we are proud to present our new line I Bello's.
This line will bring an exclusive selection of our datterini tomatoes directly to consumers' tables, combining tradition and innovation.
From our Lobello variety, awarded with the SABOR DEL AÑO in Spain, to recent introductions such as Tybello, Solbello, Jungi and Marzello, each variety stands out for its exceptional flavor and unparalleled quality.
These varieties were developed to delight consumers in every season, embodying our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. With I Bello's every tasting is a unique experience that lasts all year round.

The royal family of datterini

The maximum flavor, sweetness and color typical of the territory... IN ALL SEASONS!


Variety recognized internationally for its remarkable flavor thanks to the high sugar content. The fruit is cylindrical-periform with a well-rounded oozing tip, weighing 20 g, with notable regularity in the bunch.


The color when ripe is an excellent bright intense red. The fruit, weighing 20-25g, has a high Brix degree and excellent tolerance to splitting.


Bright colour, exceptional flavor and notes of sweetness distinguish the fruits of the Solbello variety. The fruit is 20-25g.


Mini San Marzano with an intense red color and excellent consistency. The fruit is 25-30 gr.


The color when ripe is an excellent bright red. The specific acid/sugar ratio gives this product an exceptional and surprising taste. Fruits weighing 25g.

In the best supermarkets, look for the dark green packaging, completely made of cardboard. Respect the environment and preserve an explosion of taste.

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